Playhouse Construction...
Playhouse construction - 8 x 12 log Playhouse - Cozy Series
Log Cottage Playhouse - Cozy Series
Painted Cottage - Cozy Series
Customer assembling on site
Modular/Prefab Kits...
Playhouses are manufactured as Prefab kits which make it easy for customers
to build on site.  

Do it yourself prefab Playhouse kits (DIY):
Customers can save money on these prefab kits and are available with the Cottage Playhouse
series only.  Kit assembly time varies and depends upon the size and complexity of the unit,
experience of the assembly crew, as well as the tools being used to assemble the unit.  
Rustic Backyard Structures recommends at least one person on the assembly crew have
significant carpentry experience, and the use of air tools be used for the assembly.  

Check out Building Construction
Construction on site of playhouses
Construction process of playhouses
Lighthouse Playhouse Construction
 Do it yourself prefab Playhouse kits (DIY):
 Precut, Unpainted, Pre-Preprimed, Ready-To-Assemble Kits